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Wireless crane scale

The subsequent cabling of a weighing cell on vehicle cranes is extremely complex and in the rarest cases desirable. Many moving parts place high demands on the long-term flexibility of cables. Solutions in which power supply and signal cables must be wired often lead to regular service incidents with a considerable expense for repairs.


Not so with a radio crane. The verifiable, wireless weighing system for vehicle cranes operates autonomously with its own power supply from an easily replaceable, rechargeable battery.


The assembly is usually carried out between the crane arm and rotator (if used). In addition to standard dimensions, the bolt receptacles can be adapted to your current situation. By eliminating the cabling, the customer can install the weighing cell himself.


The weighing range extends from 100kg to 7000kg, with the low height of <40cm the weighing cell fits for many applications.

Your advantages:

  • Class III & IIII, suitable for all commercial goods

  • Can be retrofitted to existing vehicles

  • Easy installation by eliminating the weighing cell cabling

  • Long operating time by on-demand activation

  • Low service effort in case of error

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